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mySCC - Installing for Windows XP, Vista, or 7 Using Internet Explorer (PC)

Installing the Citrix Software Off Campus (Windows PC instructions)

The mySCC software should be available automatically on SCC computers, but to access mySCC off campus, you’ll need to perform this one-time installation of the Citrix Receiver interface application. These instructions are provided using Internet Explorer
(for the best experience using mySCC we recommend using Internet Explorer as your web browser)

Step 1: Enter this URL: A Log On box appears use your MEID and password to login

Step 2:
After checking the box to agree to the license agreement, click

Step 3: At the bottom of the webpage for the installer conformation, and click on

Step 4: In the subsequent window if prompted for permission to continue, click Yes.
Step 5: Once the Setup menu opens, click on
Install (this may take a few minutes)

Step 6: The loading box automatically closes, return to the Citrix webpage and you should be logged in.

You have now installed the Citrix receiver!
This is a one time installation, If you see the message below simply click on Skip to Log On

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