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Student TechCenter - Computer Usage Policies

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Student TechCenter - Computer Usage Policies

Scottsdale Community College (SCC) owns and operates a variety of computing systems which are provided for the use of SCC students, faculty, and staff in support of programs of the college. All users of SCC computing systems must read, understand, and agree to comply with the policies outlined in the SCC Computer Usage Policy and MCCD Computing Resource Standards ( Copies of these policies can also be obtained in the Student TechCenter (IT-100).

These policies are summarized as follows:
A. The computer systems, facilities, and accounts are owned and operated by SCC, and SCC reserves all rights, including termination of service, to any user.
B. No fraudulent, harassing, obscene, or sexually suggestive messages and/or materials are to be accessed, sent, or stored on or through any system.
C. Users may not transfer their computing privileges to others.
D. Users may not use a system to perform an illegal or malicious act, nor to wrongfully hide their identity or pose as another person.
E. Any user who finds a possible security lapse on any system is obligated to report it to the SCC IT department (email: or phone: (480) 423-6274, option 3) and not use this knowledge to damage resources, obtain additional resources, or gain unauthorized access to resources.
F. Electronic resources and systems (including email) are for college-related activities only, and are not to be used for any commercial business purposes.
G. Computer software protected by copyright is not to be copied from, into, or by using campus computing facilities, except as permitted by law or contract with the copyright owner.
H. While reasonable attempts have been made to ensure privacy of your accounts, email, and systems access, this does not constitute a guarantee of privacy. SCC reserves the right to monitor network and computer activities.
I. An individual’s computer use privileges may be suspended immediately upon the discovery of a possible violation of an SCC or MCCD policy. Disciplinary sanctions may include the loss of computer use privileges, dismissal from the college, and legal action.

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