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In August 2009, the Maricopa Community College District (MCCD) implemented the Student Information System (SIS) “Message Center,” electronically providing a secure and efficient delivery method for SIS communication. Additionally, “To Do List” items (also referred to as checklist items) will be available as hyper-links to ease student access within the SIS Student Center. The first phase of functionality includes the following:

  • College acceptance (real-time)
  • Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) Residency Status Information
  • Citizenship Status Verification
  • College initiated Class Schedule Change (Room, day, time)
  • College initiated Class Cancellation
  • President’s / Honor’s List notification
  • Graduation Application/ communications
  • Enrollment Cancellation notice (Class purge)
  • Prior Term Debt notice
  • Payment Plan Default notice
  • Financial Aid Right to Cancel notification
  • Financial Aid checklist items (hyper-links)
  • Discussion board (focused-use threads)
Any student with a valid Maricopa Enterprise Identification (MEID) and password may log into the SIS Student Center by navigating to; select Message Center (for communication items) or To Do List (for checklist items). Students that are “new” to MCCD can register for an MEID to get started, and former or existing students may need to discover their MEID before they can login.

The Message Center was specifically designed with student success in mind. When new messages or new To Do List items are added to a student's Student Center, they will receive email notifications via the newly implemented MCCCD Student Email. The greatest number of email notifications a student should expect to receive from the SIS Student Center, in a single day, is two. Hyper-links, embedded in the body of the email notification, make it easy for students to access their SIS Student Center. To assist students with notification management, SIS gathers all Message Center items and all To Do List (checklist) items, regardless of the number, and sends a single email notification for new messages and/ or a single email notification to for new To Do List items. Students are encouraged to visit the SIS Student Center often, so that important, perhaps time-sensitive information is not missed. However, as MCCD transitions from its traditional, paper-laden communication style to a paperless format, students may receive some information through the U.S. Postal Service.

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