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mySCC - Firewire Device

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mySCC - Firewire Device

Q:  How can I get my "firewire" device to show up in mySCC?

A:  Here are the steps:
Step 1: In Mac HD, open the Applications folder
Step 2: Open Citrix ICA Client
Step 3: Double-click Citrix ICA Client Editor
Step 4:
Click Default Settings button
Step 5: In the Drives and Devices' tab, select a drive letter to assign to the device (e.g. D:)
Step 6: Click the Browse button, then select the Firewire Device
Step 7: Click Open button
Step 8: Make sure the Enabled box is checked
Step 9:
Click Save button to finish

Now, when you log into mySCC, you can access that firewire device (it will be "mapped" to the drive letter you had selected).  You'll need to repeat these steps for any other firewire device you wish to use in mySCC

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