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Employee Resources - SCC Class Roster Upload Syllabus

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Employee Resources - SCC Class Roster Upload Syllabus

Employee Resources Class Roster Upload Syllabus

SCC instructors can now upload their course syllabus from the SCC Class Roster into their Faculty Web Page.

Step 1:  Login with your MEID and MEID password.

Step 2:  Click Accept FERPA and Login button.

Step 3:  Select a Term and click Go.

Step 4:  To view the roster, click on the Course link and will now display the class roster.

Step 5:  To upload your syllabus; you need to click on Browse button to locate where the file is stored.
After you have located the file - will need to attach file  
and click Upload Syllabus button - if the file was uploaded will get following message:

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