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R25 Academic Schedulers - R25: vCalendar ToDos

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R25 Academic Schedulers - R25: vCalendar ToDos

R25: vCalendar ToDos

The purpose of the attached document is to describe the process to complete vCalendar ToDos and return space assignments to SIS. This process is typically used by class schedulers.

Assignment changes for one or more events may be sent back to SIS at the same time. Highlight the event(s), complete the vCalendar To Dos, and Generate the Counter file. The counter file will carry the change back to SIS on the next import. The import process runs about every 5 minutes. The vCalendar process has two steps--Complete the To Do and Generate the Reply/Counter file.


R25_vCalendar_ToDo.pdf R25_vCalendar_ToDo.pdf (145.60 KB, 710 views)

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