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mySCC - Getting Started with mySCC

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mySCC - Getting Started with mySCC

The SCC community can use the Internet to use a multitude of software applications - both on and off campus! Using Citrix technology, faculty, staff and students can access programs via an Internet connection using their Maricopa Enterprise ID (MEID) login information.  On campus, you already have the software you need to access the system. To use "mySCC" off campus, you'll need to perform a one-time installation of Citrix "client" software (unless you've used Citrix before).  See separate installation guide for Windows or Macintosh. 

Using mySCC:

Step 1: Enter this URL: - The following login screen appears: 

Step 2:   Enter your Maricopa Enterprise ID (MEID) login information and click Log On .

A screen like the following appears, displaying applications and folders:

  • The applications available depend on your account.
  • If there's been no activity (idle) for two hours, you'll be logged out of mySCC.
  • While in a mySCC application, this icon appears on the right side of the taskbar on a Windows PC  or    in the Dock on a Mac.
Using mySCC Applications

Some applications appear directly in the Main window of mySCC.  Others are found in folders, like Microsoft Office 2013.

  • To open an application, single-click the icon.
  • To exit an application, use the normal command in the program (e.g., File>>Close or click the X icon at the upper right corner of the window).
  • To print a document, use the normal Print command in the program (e.g., File>>Print).  It should default to your normal printer.
Note: Faculty using Mac computers - Opening My Maricopa (SIS) from mySCC provides a convenient method for printing your class roster from home.

Using Adobe CS5 Suite (on campus owned computers only)

The Adobe Creative Suite applications, such as Photoshop or Acrobat Professional, will run in a "virtual desktop" (separate copy of Windows) in mySCC. This allows for better performance with these memory-intensive programs.

Step 1:   Open the Desktops tab, then click the Adobe CS5 . A Tip message box appears, indicating that the Shift-F2 key combination can be used (while in this virtual desktop) to minimize the window in order to access other programs on your computer.

Step 2:   Click OK for the Tip message box.  The Client File Security box appears (as described below).

Step 3:   Select Read Access or Full Access , then click OK .   A new, virtual desktop (Windows environment) appears full screen.

Step 4:   To access Adobe applications, double-click the desired icon from the desktop.

Step 5:   To quit from this virtual desktop, choose Log Off from the Start menu.

Granting Access to Your Local Files

If you try to open a file from your local computer (e.g., through Windows Explorer), the mySCC system will ask permission to access your files.

On Windows PCs, you'll receive this window. 

Make the desired choices, then click OK .

On Mac computers, you'll receive a message regarding READ access and a separate message regarding WRITE access (when trying to open or save a file). 

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