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25Live - Creating Saved Location Searches

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25Live - Creating Saved Location Searches

25Live – Creating Saved Location Searches Location Searches may be used for quick reference or reporting in 25Live. Saved searches for one or a group of locations, are used in a variety of reports and viewing situations.
Creating a saved Location search for one or more locations:
• From the Locations Tab, click on Advanced Location Search
• Click on New Search
• Click on Add Criteria
• Choose Locations > Specific Locations from the drop down menu
• Click on the pencil icon
• In the Specific Locations window, click on starred locations to select each location, or use the search field to pull up locations to select.*

Selected location(s) will then show up in the Selected Locations field on the right.
• Click Done to close the window
• Click Save
• Enter Search Name
• Click Save

*Other options, such as Categories, may be selected to refine or define the locations to add to your search.


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