WiFi - Connecting to SCC WiFi as a guest

SCC WiFi Guide for Guests

Purpose & Requirements

SCC has rolled out a new WiFi to around campus. Connecting is easier than ever. All SCC guests who want to connect a device to the new WiFi will use the simplified process below.

All guests will need an active phone number that can receive SMS text messages or an email account.

If needed please visit follow the links to connect a/n: PC to WiFi, Mac to WiFi, Android Device to WiFi, iOS Device to WiFi

Connecting to the SCC WiFi

  1. Open the appropriate settings app on your device.
  2. Click on the network named SCC.
  3. Navigate to the option Need and account? and click on the option Click Here.

  4. In the new window enter either a valid email address or phone number. If an email account is used skip to step 6.

  5. When using a phone number, from the drop down, select which carrier the phone number is associated.

  6. Read the Terms of Use before continuing.
  7. Click on the checkbox I accept the SCC Terms.html.

  8. Click on the Register button to receive an email or SMS text with login information.

  9. A new window confirming the request will appear.

  10. Navigate to the Already have an account? and click on the option Sign In to return to the login page.
  11. Navigate to the email account or SMS text to retrieve a Guest username and password.
  12. Enter the guest username and password from either an email or SMS text in the appropriate areas.

  13. Click the checkbox I accept the terms of use.

  14. Click on the Log In button to connect to the WiFi network.

The device should be now be connected to the SCC WiFi and have internet access.