Employee Adobe Creative Cloud


Adobe Creative Cloud has moved off of the Employee Store and is now a single login using your employee email, meid, and password. To get started go to the Adobe Creative Cloud website and download Creative Cloud:



Once the application is installed continue to the following steps to login and begin working with Adobe Creative Cloud. If already installed (campus computers) go right to step 2 after you open the desired application

How to Download and Install an Adobe Creative Cloud Application

1. Visit the Adobe Creative Cloud website to begin the login process

2. Enter just @maricopa.edu and click Continue:



3. On the next MCCCD Login screen, enter your MEID and password.

4. To download a desired Adobe app, navigate to the All Apps option


6. Find the app you want to download, then click the Install button

7. For example, to download InDesign

Click Install to begin the install process (This process will take a few minutes)


Once done finish the process and the application is now installed on the computer


Adobe Creative Cloud Login on an Additional Computer

Adobe Creative Cloud gives you the opportunity to have up to two (2) devices running an Adobe Creative Cloud application at the same time. This means you can work on a project at your work computer and continue on your laptop if needed. Repeat the previous steps for the process of logging in to your Adobe Creative Cloud MCCCD account.