How to Save Emails to Google Drive Guide

Quick Reference Guide

Sometimes you will want to save an important email, or an email that has the beginning of a working document. One way is to save that email to your Google Drive, and not just copy and paste. If you would like to save an email to your Google Drive follow the simple steps below

1. Log in to your employee email

2. Find the email you want to save to Google Drive

3. Click on the Vertical Ellipses


4. Click on the option Print


5. A new tab will open now

6. In the Destination section click on the drop down menu

7. Select Save to Google Drive


8. If you want to rename the file continue to the next step, if you do not want to rename

    the file skip to step 12

9. Note: If you do not rename the PDF it will be named Maricopa Community College


10. Click on More Settings

11. Click on Advanced Settings


12. Type the name you would like to give the PDF in the text box provided


13. At the bottom right of this window click on the blue Save button


14. The PDF is now saved to your Google Drive

15.Navigate to your Google Drive

16. The file will be on the My Drive page

17. You can now move it to the appropriate folder


Questions or Concerns

For any questions or concerns please submit a HelpDesk ticket, email the HelpDesk at [email protected], or call the HelpDesk at (480) 423-6274, option 3.