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Communication via SysAid/MHD is easy, necessary and a reflection of the service we provide.


Communication with "Requested Users" should be documented within the SysAid/MHD ticket. This will keep all related correspondence regarding the issue within the ticket for reference now and in the future. 


  1. Telephone conversations
  2. in-person meetings/conversations
  3. Chats
  4. Text
  5. email (outside email)
  6. Social Media
  7. all other


Chain of custody (CoC), in legal contexts, is the chronological documentation or paper trail that records the sequence of custody, control, transfer, analysis, and disposition of physical or electronic evidence.


 There are two ways to communicate with "Requested Users" :


1. The first way to communicate is by creating a “Note”:



This communication is one-way, but will allow for a quick “Note” to be sent to the “Requested User”. Return replies to your notes can be viewed and replied to in "Messages".


2. The second way to communicate is by creating “Message” which is located beneath the “History” tab:

This is a robust email platform within SysAid/MHD, which will allow you to view replies to notes, and messages, return replies or create a new message, as well as, add attachments and/or format messages.



Either way, your communication is documented along with the ticket. This will keep all related correspondence regarding the issue within the ticket for reference now and in the future. 


Additionally, you can incorporate outside communication within the ticket by creating a note or email as discussed above:


Hi “Requested User”,

I received your email/chat today regarding the new “part name” you would like to order. I will update you asap with a quote.

Thank you,

Your Name


Within the "Technical Notes" area:


Or as an attachment which can be uploaded or drag and dropped on to the ticket.



Lastly, a general rule regarding postponements. If you find that an issue needs to be postponed, change the "Status" to "(Postponed)" and also change the "Postpone-To Date" to the "(Date postponed)"


And most importantly, inform the "Requested User" the issue is now postponed:


Hi “Requested User”,

Per our conversation today in LIB-465, I will be postponing this issue until 05/15/20 pending receipt of the new “part name” on order.

Thank you,

Your Name


By doing so, your next communication with the user regarding the postponed issue is not due until the "(Date postponed)". In the case above, your next communication would be 05/15/20, where you could change to status to any that is appropriate to the issue. Even re-postpone to a later date, and again, as long as you formally communicate the change of "Status" with the "Requested User", service accomplished!


Thank you for your continued support!





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