Webex Connection Issues

If you are having issues connecting/logging in to your class via Cisco Webex in Canvas or email:

Clear the Cache in Chrome (recommended browser) by navigating to "Clear Browsing Data":


Time range: All Time

Select: Browsing History, Cookies and other site data, Cache images and files

Select: Clear Data


Close Chrome Browser:

On a PC, select X top right corner:

On a Mac, select Chrome (top left) and exit Chrome:

Google Chrome Download (2020) for Mac OS X Editions, 32/64-bit


Re-open Chrome, navigate to maricopa.webex.com and sign in (top right) using MEID@maricopa.edu


This will re-direct you to login at the Maricopa website:

Once logged in, open a new tab in Chrome and leave the Webex tab open. Login to canvas.


Navigate back to the Webex link in Canvas and "Join" meeting