IT Media Electronic Checkout Procedure

PLA (Property Loan Agreement) Media staff will initiate checkout form for any checkouts


LTC (Long Term Checkout) Media staff has to physically inspect equipment for before the process can begin.  Lendee must bring equipment to the Media Department.  After equipment inspection and verification Media staff will send out a Long Term PLA.


Electronic routing is:

  1. Media ITS Signature Electronically (Media initiated and signed PLA) 
  2. Lendee Signature Electronically (Lendee must complete the form)
  3. Dean/Director Signature Electronic (After lendee has completed the form the lender must send it their Dean/Director/Department Head email.)
  4. The Dean/Director or Department Head must now send the form to President/Vice Chancellor or Designee. 
  5. The form will return to Media Electronic Check Out


STC (Short Term Checkout)


Electronic routing is:

  1. Employee contacts the Media Department requesting equipment
  2. PLA must be signed electronically before equimnet leaves the Media Department
  3. Media electronically signs and sends to lendee
  4. The Lendee electronically signs




Electronic routing is:

  1. Media will send you an Electronic Return Form
  2. This is your proof that your returned checkout items
  3. This electronic form will be archived for our records




If someone in the chain of command fails to respond the item is stuck in the queue until supervisor signs or Media staff resends signature request.

Lendee has to sign each form sent provided multiple forms are required to encompass equipment check out.