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Event Scheduler - Online Event Request Quick Reference Guide

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Event Scheduler - Online Event Request Quick Reference Guide

Logging on to the Event Scheduler
Step 1:
From SCC home page, click on Events
Step 2:
Click on My Requests (top, right side of page)
Step 3:
Enter Username (Enterprise ID)
Step 4:
Enter Password (Memo password)

Event Information

Step 1: Event Name (REQUIRED): This will appear on the Event Calendar.  May contain letters, numbers, and dashes. Limited to 40 characters including spaces.
Step 2: Event Title: same as above.
Step 3: Event Type: From drop down list, select an event type that best represents the event.
Step 4: Sponsoring Organization (REQUIRED): From drop down list, select SCC organization sponsoring event.
Step 5:  Expected Head Count (REQUIRED)

Event Date(s) and Time(s)

Step 1: Start: (REQUIRED) First date/time the event starts.
Step 2: End: (REQUIRED) First date/time the event ends.

  • Are there any repeat dates?
Step 3: Ad Hoc: (Select and fill in round dial for this choice)
    a.  Use to add additional dates selecting one date at a time.
    b.  Use drop down to select Month/Day/Year for additional dates.
    c.  Click the Enter button to add date to the reservation (Note: Date will appear in text box below where drop downs are.)
    d.  Repeat for each additional date of your request.

Facility Space/Room

(NOTE: Check for Space availability before submitting request by using the "Locations" link.)
Step 1: Specific Space: Use drop down to choose specific space for your event.
Step 2: Other: Multiple locations may be entered, separate locations with a comma.


Step 1: Select from the list of the most common resources you will need for your event by indicating number of each item needed.
Step 2: Multiple resources may be selected.
Step 3: Use "Comments" section if an item is not listed.

Custom Attributes

Step 1: Fill in attribute if applicable; if not, please leave blank.
Contact Email: Indicate if different from Requestor's email. (Multiple names can be listed)
Contact Name: Indicate if different from Requestor's name. (Multiple names can be listed)
Contact Phone: Indicate if different from Requestor's phone. (Multiple names can be listed)
Entrance Fee:  List amount (if applicable)
Registration Contact: List contact for event registration
Registration Phone #: List phone number for event registration
Registration Website: List URL for registration website
Event Website: List URL for event website
Hot Event: Check box if event is to appear on Event Calendar under "What's Hot" Link
Open to the Public?: Check box if YES
Additional Setup Time Needed: List extra time needed before event starts
Additional Take Down Time Needed: List extra time needed after event ends
Existing Room Setup OK AS is:
Sponsoring Organization, Additional: List organization
Signage SC West Marquee: List message to be posted
Signage, Sandwich Board Locations: List location #'s separated by commas

The maximum number of sandwich boards that can be requested is ten (10) based on availability. Select the placement of each sandwich board from the numbered locations on the map; please separate each number with a comma. (Example: Location(s): 1, 8, 21)

Boards will be placed in requested locations. Users must provide and hang postings. Postings not removed from boards immediately following the event will be discarded.


Step 1: Catering: provide number of guests.
Step 2: Services:
Step 3: Space:


Step 1: Describing the setup for your event, be as detailed as possible.
Step 2: Additional event dates and times (if different from above) can be added.


Provide a brief event description, ticket information, additional phone numbers or contact names. This shows upon the online Event Calendar so be sure to check spelling and grammar.

Submit and Review

Step 1: Click the Next button at the bottom of the page.
Step 2: After the "Event Request Summary" page comes up, review all information to check for accuracy.
Step 3: Is the Summary Correct? Click Submit Request button.
Step 4: Need to make changes? Click Make Changes button.
Step 5: Print Event Request Confirmation.
Step 6: Click on the Request Another Event or close window if done.
Step 7: You will receive an email from "Event Scheduler" confirming your request.

Please Note:

  • All requests must be submitted and received by the Facilities Office at least fourteen (14) business days in advance of the event.
  • The event request submitted online is a request to schedule an event only and does not guarantee availability of the facilities or represent confirmation of scheduling.
  • Your event reservation will be confirmed upon your receipt of the official Event Confirmation from the Facilities Office.
  • Review Event Confirmations upon receipt for accuracy of event details, as well as retained until the event is completed.
Changes for my Event:

  • "Pending" - If event is in Draft status, it has not yet been processed.  Click EDIT button to re-open the request, the online form will open and necessary changes can be made. A new email confirming any changes will be sent.
  • "Approved" -  Click on SCC Employee WV, an email will open with the TO and SUBJECT already filled in.  Type changes to event and sent email. A new email confirming any changed will be sent.

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