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R25 Room Schedulers - Change Space Assignment on Existing...

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R25 Room Schedulers - Change Space Assignment on Existing Reservation

R25 Room Schedulers:  How To Change Space Assignment on an Existing R25 Reservation

These instructions are intended to instruct how to REASSIGN AN EXISTING EVENT OR EVENT OCCURRENCE TO ANOTHER SPACE

Use the following instructions to change the space assignment on an existing reservation, or click here to view the Change Space Assignment video  and learn how to complete this process. 

Open the reservation you would like to modify to the Edit Event screen.

Using the Review/Modify Reservation worksheet, highlight the date you want to make the change to remove the space assignment from that date. 

Left click on the occurrence date in the left field under Reservation Dates to highlight the date you want to change.  Left click on the Space Name in the right field, then right click and select Remove Space Assignment, and then Save.

To assign another space, repeat the space assignment worksheet steps:


Click on the Assign Space button located below the Reservation Comments field.  
The space check and assignment form opens. 

This worksheet is used to assign spaces to a reservation. The “Expected Head Count” shows on the R25 WebViewer so it is important to input information into this field. If this SpeedBook was created via the online request form both the space preference and the expected headcount should be already indicated. If you originated this SpeedBook, then you will need to indicate a search preference and enter expected head count before checking availability.

  • Expected Head Count-(required) Enter number of people expected to attend.
  • Set Preferred Space-(required) If desired space is not listed as a Favorite or as a set Space Preference, click in the box under Check For:, leave the criteria set to Starts With, and enter the letters of the Building ID to look for, such as AP, or IT, or SC.  If you know the specific space you want to check, type the exact space name, such as SC-164, SC-209, IT-111.
  • Check Availability-Click Check to see if the desired space is available. The spaces or spaces being checked will appear in the Spaces Found box on the left.  Availability is shown in the Dates Checked box on the right. Availability is indicated by one of the following three symbols:
    • Available = Green Bar    
    • Not Available = Green Bar with Black X   
    • Already Assigned to a space = Green Bar with Blue Cube 
  • Assign Space-highlight the selected space, highlight the selected dates to assign, then Click the Assign button– a popup will appear offering layout styles. If the space offers multiple layouts, chose the desired layout and click OK. If no layout choices are available, click OK to close the box.
  • * * * * * SAVE * * * * *
    The event must be saved before moving to the next worksheet. Using the “Assign” button puts the space “on hold” (into a pending table) so that another scheduler cannot assign this space for the same date and time. Saving after assigning will finalize the space assignment, moving the space out of the pending table.

NOTE:  Once a change has been made to an existing reservation, be sure to notify all users of the change.  Before sending out Revised Event Confirmation, type the Reservation number and indicate the change made in the Event Properties Window, under Confirmation Notice.  Be sure to SAVE your work after closing the Properties window.  Send out Revised Event Confirmation to all parties after you complete the change to the reservation.

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