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25Live Vehicle Calendar - Scheduling of SCC Fleet Vehicles

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25Live Vehicle Calendar - Scheduling of SCC Fleet Vehicles

SCC Fleet Vehicle Use

Vehicle Use Policy and Procedures:

All Drivers are required to be in compliance with District and College Driver Policies prior to scheduling or driving a MCCCD Fleet vehicle.  For more information regarding Driver Policy and Procedures for use of college vehicles, please visit the SCC Public Safety webpage for Campus & District Vehicles Driving Information.

Scheduling of Fleet Vehicles and Requests to use Vehicles is All Online!
 From SCC Homepage:

  • Click on Events
  • Click on Vehicle Calendar in left column of page

 Or go to:

Sign into 25Live using your MEID and Email password.

Click on the Locations tab to Check vehicle availability

  • Under the Search for Locations tab, click on the More Search Options link to the right of the search by keyword field.
  • Next to Categories, click the EDIT link
  • Scroll down in the Categories window to Vehicle, click the box to select Vehicle, click Done
  • Click Go

When the Vehicle Locations populate in the window below, you may view vehicle information three ways:

List Tab: Shows a list of the vehicles alphabetically by the license plate, with formal name and capacity. Click on the Vehicle Name (blue link) to view further details of each vehicle.

Availability Tab: Vehicle availability grid shows the reservations schedule for each vehicle for a one day view. 

  • Click on the Date link to change the date view.
  • Click on the grid on the open and available start date, vehicle, and start time of your trip to access the Event Wizard request form
  • OR click on the Event Wizard tab to open a new request form.

Calendar Tab: Shows the reservations scheduled for an extended period of time, in a calendar view.

Note: All Vehicle Requests must be submitted at least 3 BUSINESS DAYS before Travel date!

Event Wizard:
Instructions for completing a Vehicle reservation request using the Event Wizard form are displayed within the form.  Use the written instructions above each field and the Help button to navigate through the form.  Complete each field with the requested information as it pertains to Vehicle reservation.

Once submitted, your request will be processed by the schedulers in the Facilities Management office.  You will receive a confirmation by email once your reservation is confirmed.

For questions regarding existing reservations or to request to cancel or change an existing reservation, please send an email to  Include the Vehicle Reservation number in all correspondence.

Vehicle Check-Out:

The Driver of the scheduled vehicle should pick up and drop off keys in the Facilities Management office, ME Building, during hours of operation, 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.  To drop off keys after hours, use the key drop box located in the fleet vehicle parking yard.

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