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25Live Room Schedulers - How To Process a Reservation Request received via the On Line R25 System

Step 1:
You will receive an email from the account indicating an event request has been received for one of your spaces, asking you to please process the request.  A copy of the request email providing the details of the request will be attached.

Step 2:
Log on to your 25Live account using your MEID.  Pull up the event using the event Reference number in the Quick Search field on the 25Live Home page Dashboard.

Step 3:
Complete the scheduling of the reservation request, assigning spaces and any media resources/services requested for all event dates by the user.  Change the Event State to Confirmed, and save the event in the appropriate Event Folder.  Remember to add the appropriate Event Category, and file the event in the appropriate event folder.

Step 4:
If there is a conflict or any questions with any of the dates, times, or spaces requested, contact the Requestor directly to notify them of the conflict or issues.  If a space conflict may be resolved by choosing another one of your spaces, or changing the event time or date, you may offer this as a solution to the Requestor.   If the conflict cannot be resolved using one of your spaces, instruct the Requestor to go back to the request in 25Live, review the calendar for an available date and/or space, Edit the existing reservation request accordingly, and re-submit the request.

Step 5:
Once you have confirmed the event, generate the Event Confirmation Detailed report and email it to all event contacts and service providers.  Copy the "SCC All Drafts" contact account to let them know the event reservation is completed.  This notification allows the Facilities Office to delete the request from the list of pending requests.   Or, you may send a quick email indicating the reservation process is complete by responding to the original email you received from the account.
Note:  Please do not send event correspondence emails to personal email accounts in the Facilities Office. 
All correspondence to the Facilities Office regarding event scheduling should be sent to the account using the Reservation Reference Number in the Subject Line.

The attached pdf version of these instructions includes additional details of processing an Event Confirmation report.


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