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R25 Room Schedulers - Adding Additional Event Dates to an Existing Reservation

R25 Room Schedulers may use the following instructions to Add Event Dates to an Existing R25 Reservation.

OR - click here to open the Adding Additional Event Dates training video which demonstrates the process of adding additional event dates to an existing reservation in R25.  

The Repeat Dates option is used when a reservation/booking has multiple dates with the same start and end event times.

On the Define Dates/Times worksheet page, click in the box to activate Repeat Dates.  

• Ad Hoc - Most flexible of the repeat date options: allows scheduler to add or remove dates very easily, and to avoid automatically selecting dates when the college is closed.
Click on the radio button next to Ad Hoc to activate the Ad Hoc option.  Select each additional event date by clicking on the corresponding date on the calendar.  This is a toggle on or off, so click on the date again to remove the date.  Advance the calendar forward month by month to add additional dates.  Note: Reservation dates cannot cross over into a new fiscal year.  You may only add dates through the end of the existing fiscal year on the same event/reservation.

Note: Space and resource assignments will be unassigned when a date has been removed from the ad hoc list of dates. The event reservation for the removed date will not be displayed on the R25 WebViewer.  If you need to instead cancel an individual occurrence, see the documentation to Cancel an Event Occurrence.

Daily / Weekly / Monthly should NOT be used. It is easier for the scheduler to change reservation assignments in the ad hoc format, and there are usually several exceptions when the college is closed during semester breaks. 

Yearly should NOT be used.  This repeat style is not compatible with the R25 database parameters used for MCCCD.  Do not select Repeats Yearly.

Once additional dates have been selected, you must assign spaces using the Assign Space page.  Attach a space assignment for each new date only.  Once space has been assigned, go to the Review/Modify Reservation page to review the changes.  Click Save to save your changes.

Remember to go to the Event Properties, Confirmation Notice tab to type a Revision Number and Note to make a record of these changes, before sending out a Revised Event Confirmation to all reservation contacts.

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