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Using Degree Progress in you can track how coursework applies toward your degree, what requirements are still pending and the choices you have to satisfy each requirement.

Prerequisites: You must be officially declared in the proper degree or certificate. All outside coursework, including courses from other Maricopa Community Colleges, must be transferred to SCC to show in Degree Progress.

How to View Your Degree Progress Report:

1.  Log into ""
2.  At the Student Center, under "Academic History"
3.  Click "Degree Progress Report"

4.  Select "Scottsdale Community College" and "Advising Transcript" from the drop-down lists.
5.  Click the green "go" button to create the report.

By default, completed requirements will be collapsed (minimized).  You can click "Collapse All" or "Expand All" at the top of the report to change the view.  We suggest expanding it all the first time you view it.

Check the information in the Current Academic Objective box to make sure you are declared in the proper degree (Plan).

A maximum of 10 courses show on lists; click "View All" at the bottom of the list to see more.

Courses in "General Electives" and "Courses that Did Not Apply" sections should be discussed with an advisor.

Scottsdale Community College Advisement Center - (480) 423-6539

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