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Media Center - MCCCD Equipment Check-out Agreement Form

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Media Center - MCCCD Equipment Check-out Agreement Form

The MCCCD Equipment Checkout Agreement On-Line Form, must be obtained prior to the removal of any equipment or property. Equipment checkout is for SCC employees only.

Media Services Equipment Checkout Agreement

This agreement pertains to any Audio/Visual or technology related equipment checked out from Media Services for MCCCD business or academic purposes at Scottsdale Community College.

Equipment can be checked out by current SCC employees for various activities promoting MCCCD. Personal use of equipment is prohibited and it is the employee's financial responsibility to cover any loss or damage. See the Governing Board Policy on Equipment Checkout ( for specific guidelines, including limitations, insurance, and authorization.

Checkout Procedure:

  • MCCCD Equipment Check-Out Agreement Form:

Requesters must fill out the MCCCD Equipment Check-Out Agreement Form

Forms are available in the Media Center (480-423-6652) or online

Requesters must fill out the top half of the form. This requires detailed information about the requester, the project, the on-campus and off-campus location, the duration, and the type of technology equipment with MCCCD tag number and serial number.

  • Required Signatures:

  • For checkout periods  less than 15 days, the minimum signatures needed include the requester and a Media Staff Member.

  • For equipment to be taken outside of Maricopa County, the Media Staff member, Dept/Div chair and CTO of Information Technology Services signatures are required regardless of the length of the checkout period.

  • Media Services is unable to extend equipment loans longer than 30 days. With the exception of support to Sabbatical Leaves.

  • Checkout Form and Tracking:

  • The requester must keep a copy of the Equipment Checkout form with the equipment.

  • A copy of the Equipment Checkout form must also be retained in the Media Center records.

  • The Equipment checked out will be documented electronically for tracking purposes by the Media Staff (Google Calendar and 25Live).

Loan Policy and Return

  • Equipment can be checked out by SCC employees (Faculty, Staff, Adjunct Faculty, etc.) via 25Live and completing the Equipment CheckOut Form. 25Live select Event Type: Resource Assignment; select Resource: Computer, Laptop PC (Personal Checkout).  Upon entering the request via 25Live, complete the Equipment Checkout Form and return to the Media Center for processing.

  • The equipment loan period is for a maximum of 15 days. If there is no waiting list, the equipment may be renewed for an additional 15 days loan period for a maximum checkout period of 30 consecutive days. Media Services can not support prolonged equipment checkout, departments may wish to have internal equipment to service these needs.

  • Audio/Visual or technology Equipment is available on a first-come/first-serve basis only.

  • The borrower is responsible for copying and/or saving any data from the laptop. The IT department is not responsible for lost or damaged documents and data. Documents should be saved to a flash drive, e-mailed, or printed. Documents saved to a laptop’s hard drive will be automatically deleted upon return.

  • After the checkout period, the borrower must return the equipment back to campus and have it evaluated by a Media Staff Member. The borrower and a Media Staff Member must sign the equipment return receipt portion of the employee copy upon return of the equipment.

  • Do not drop off the equipment at the Media counter and leave before it has been checked in. Report any equipment malfunctions and/or missing items (or components) to the Media staff at the time the equipment is returned.

  • If the equipment is not returned on or before the due date, a reminder email will be send to the borrower and his/her supervisor 5 business days after the original due date.

Computer Use and Laptop CheckOut

  • The Computer Usage Policies applies to all Computing Labs usage, including laptops in the Media Center Checkout Program (

  • The borrower will not leave the laptop or equipment unattended for any length of time, or loan it to another person.

  • Laptops from the Laptop Checkout Program are to be used for MCCCD business or academic purposes only.

  • Tampering with existing hardware is not allowed.

Damage/Loss Policy

  • The borrower is financially responsible for any damaged or missing laptops and components.

  • If a laptop or component is damaged or missing, the borrower will be charged repair and/or replacement costs for both hardware and software.

  • Replacement and repair costs are subject to change and will be assessed accordingly.


FM-5 Equipment Checkout Form.pdf FM-5 Equipment Checkout Form.pdf (30.85 KB, 449 views)

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