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25Live Room Schedulers-University Class Scheduling

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25Live Room Schedulers-University Class Scheduling

Scheduling of On Campus University Classes in 25Live

Because on campus University class scheduling is not handled in the SIS system, all class scheduling for colleges other than SCC (such as NAU) is processed completely within 25Live.  A 25Live Scheduler is established for each University on campus for scheduling classes at SCC.  It is the responsibility of the University Scheduler to enter their college classes directly into 25Live.  They may then work with other SCC 25Live Room Schedulers to request use of designated spaces, and confirm space assignments for classes scheduled in spaces outside of the University Scheduler’s area of responsibility. 

Please Note:  The SCC Event Scheduling Services office is not responsible for scheduling of University classes on campus, except in the case when a space requested by the University is under the responsibility for scheduling by the Event Scheduling Services office.  In this case, the Event Scheduling Services office will act as the 25Live Room Scheduler for the designated space assignment.

Following are the steps for scheduling of University classes on campus:

Step 1)
The University Scheduler will enter all on-campus classes for each semester into 25Live

  • A  Space will be assigned to any classes held in spaces under the responsibility of the University, and these class reservations will be CONFIRMED by the University Scheduler. 
  • Classes which require an alternate space on campus will be entered by the University Scheduler without a space assignment and saved as a DRAFT until a space can be located and confirmed.

Step 2) The University Scheduler will search for available and appropriate classroom spaces using 25Live to check availability.   When an available space is located, the University Scheduler will email the 25Live Room Scheduler responsible for that space, requesting permission to schedule the space.

Step 3) Upon email approval for use of the space by the 25Live Room Scheduler, the University Scheduler will “Request” the space in 25Live using the Space Assignment page in the class reservation, and save the reservation as TENTATIVE. 

Step 4) The University Scheduler will then email the 25Live Room Scheduler with the 25Live Reservation Number for that class, asking the 25Live Room Scheduler to assign the space and confirm. 

Step 5) The 25Live Room Scheduler assigns the space to the class reservation and saves the reservation as CONFIRMED.  Note:  Do not set the reservation as Confirmed until and unless the space assignment is complete.

Step 6) The 25Live Room Scheduler emails the Event Confirmation to the University Scheduler.  Note:  It is not necessary to copy Event Scheduling Services or SCC Public Safety on University Class reservation confirmations.

Step 7) The University Scheduler reviews the Event Confirmation and/or Reservation within 25Live to verify the space has been assigned to all class dates and the event is CONFIRMED.

The attached flow chart illustrates this scheduling process.


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