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R25 Room Schedulers - Media Classrooms

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R25 Room Schedulers - Media Classrooms

Scheduling of Media Classrooms; Computer Classrooms vs. Computer Labs

Not all classrooms with computers are created equal.

Some computer populated spaces on campus are not actually available for use as a standard computer classroom. To distinguish the difference in R25, standard computer classrooms available for campus use are categorized as Classroom, Media aka Media Classrooms. Other specialized use only computer classrooms and open lab spaces with computers are categorized as Labs, Computer.

Schedulers looking for a computer classroom to use for a class or event on campus should search availability of Media Classrooms only.

How to check availability of Media Classrooms:

Using the Webviewer:
Events > Location Availability
• click on the Filter “Media Classrooms”
Note: Roll your cursor over the space number to view the Formal Name of the space. Click on the space number to open the Space Detail window for additional details of each space. Spaces marked with an asterisk in the Formal Name and “Priority for Scheduling” in the comments field are the first priority for scheduling in the CIS department.

Using R25 Space Directory:
From the Space Directory > Search Tab
• Copy the Media Classrooms space search to your My Searches folder as follows:
• Scroll down through list of users folders on the left side of the Search window, click on the plus sign next to mcneillp
• Scroll down again to see the list of searches under mcneillp, Click to Select the Media Classrooms search, then right click and choose Copy Search.
A copy of the Media Classrooms Search will now be saved in your My Searches folder.
Note: Once you have copied the Media Classrooms search to your My Searches folder, from now on you only need to open the My Searches folder to access this search. If you are a frequent user of this search, you may want to save it as a Favorite. Simply click to select the search, right click, and choose Add to Favorites. The search will now show up on your my Favorite Searches list.
To run the Search and show the list of Media Classrooms, click on the search name to select it, then click the Search! Button. The list of Media Classrooms will show in the Matching Spaces window.

Using Speedbook to check availability for specific event dates & meeting patterns:
• Open Speedbook > Define the Dates and Times of class or event > go to the Assign Spaces Page
• Click the checkbox next to Check For: (My Favorite Spaces)
• Click the down arrow to the right of this search option, then select Media Classrooms
• Enter Expected Headcount, then click Check button

Scheduler Note:
When checking availability of computer classrooms in the CM Building CIS would prefer that CM469, and CM470 be scheduled before any of their other classrooms. For easy identification, these spaces have been marked with an asterisk at the end of the Formal Name, and with “Priority for Scheduling” in the Comments field.

A pdf copy of this document is attached for your convenience, or Click here to view video demonstration.


Media Classrooms.pdf Media Classrooms.pdf (368.63 KB, 610 views)

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