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MCCCD Student Email - Nicknames

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MCCCD Student Email - Nicknames

MCCCD Student Email - Nicknames

Nicknames are alternate email addresses you can create for yourself if you'd like to be able to receive mail at another address (<nickname> Your nickname DOES NOT replace your MEID for authentication and access into Maricopa systems. It is simply an alias that can be used when sending or receiving email from your MCCCD Student Email account. Emails sent to your Nickname(s) arrive at the same location as emails sent to your MEID. Nicknames make it easy for other people to remember your email address.
Here's how to add a nickname to a user's account:
Step 1:  Enter your MEID.
Step 2:  Enter your password.
Step 3:  Enter a nickname you would like to use.
Step 4:  Enter the alternate Nickname in the field under Desired Nickname.

Step 5:  Click Submit.  If the Nickname is available it will be added to your account.

If the Nickname was created successfully - will see the following text:

Successful Login DAVJC66281

Success Accessing Google Account

Nickname created for

NickNames Defined for

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